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Townshend Audio Glastonbury Pre1

Townshend Audio Glastonbury Pre1 - Højeste testscore hos HiFi Critic

Det er den respekterede anmelder Martin Collom som har givet denne helt usædvanlige score og  hans begejstring er tydelig når man læser denne lille bid af anmeldelsen:


“There was no doubt at all about its exceptional musical ability. Ironically, rather than representing a specific ‘improvement’ in sound quality on the part of the Glastonbury Pre 1, this is more of an aspersion on the vast majority of control units, which are nothing like as truthful as this, to put it mildly. On my comprehensive scale, this control unit, as supplied in single-ended form, reached an exemplary 195 points for overall sound quality”…

“To be truthful I found it difficult to lay a finger on its aural performance. Bass lines seemed deeper, more visceral and tactile, more dynamic, and more expressively detailed than usual. The mid was very neutral, highly transparent and well-focused, with very natural high level sounds and most revealing and detailed low level sounds. The high treble was very slightly distant, a really small effect, but remained of excellent quality. Complex material was rendered with impressive differentiation and separation, with very natural and believable instrumental tone colours. It clearly had very good rhythm, and sounded most uncontrived, non-electronic, almost perfectly natural if I can put it that way. Stereo image width, focus and depth were all exemplary.”

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