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Reiner Gläss isn't an inventor in the typical abstract meaning of the word, a character like Daniel Düsentrieb. Reiner Gläss analyses with his increasing knowledge and experience and questions facts that most people simply accept. This questioning develops into a process which begins with understanding the basic process and leads to a producible prototype or straight into a small series product.

Reiner Gläss is an inventor.
He lives and works in Baden-Württemberg, just like Messrs Bosch and Daimler and numerous engineers, technicians and craftsmen that over the years have transformed this area renowned for its picturesque countryside into an area equally famous for researchers and developers. Perhaps it is the specific local mixture of clear analysis, surprising ingenuity and the enterprising spirit that has led Reiner Gläss to develop and market his inventions.

A solid precision mechanics apprenticeship at Carl Zeiss enabled Reiner Gläss to realise his good ideas in adequate quality. His distinctive feeling for design has been reflected by unique functional and attractive products that are respected all around the globe.

Vinyl Cleaner

Audiodesk Systeme Vinyl CleanerLPs are precious: Not only for their excellent sound quality but in many cases as irreplaceable collector's items. Even when great care is taken, over time it becomes inevitable that they become dirty.

Careful cleaning of discs is particularly important to preserve their value. Rainer Gläss from Audiodesksysteme has developed a professional yet comfortable LP-washing machine, the „Vinyl-Cleaner". The washing machine works fully automatically and is very easy to use.

The disc is inserted into the machine's opening vertically from above and the red button is pressed. The gentle cleaning process runs fully automatically during which time the yellow LED lights up. When, after a short period of time, the green LED lights up the cleaned disc can be removed from the apparatus.

Counter-rotating micro-fibre cleaning barrels and ultrasonic waves softly remove even deep-sitting dirt particles from the grooves of the LP. When in operation the machine permanently filters the cleaning fluid. Two extremely high-performance motors guarantee effective yet quiet drying of the LP.

Hörerlebnis 2010

Rengøringstid: 5 Minutter
Dimensioner: 33cm bred x 20cm dyb x 27cm høj
Vægt(uden væske): 5,5 kg
Væskemængde: 4,5 Liter, Rengøringskoncentrat 20 ml
Fabriksgaranti: 2 år / Made in Germany


CD Sound Improver

AudioDesk Systeme CD Sound Improver

The tuning of a CD with the CD Sound Improver is incredibly easy and takes barely a minute. The tungsten carbide blade is automatically set at the right angle during manufacture of the unit. A test CD is included in the delivery package. All following CDs are bevelled under exactly the same conditions. Shavings are removed via the vacuum cleaner link. The speed regulator allows for the colouring of the CD's edges slowly and carefully in the machine itself. The sensitive CD coating is not touched.

Perfected high-end technology
The CD Sound Improver couples its unique functionality with equally functional high-end design. Produced with high-quality, enduring components, each unit is hand-assembled and tested. The diamond-ground tungsten carbide blade can process around 2000 CDs then be simply replaced.

Further advantages for music, film and data files
Tuning with the CD Sound Improver perfects the true running of music CDs, data CDs, DVDs and SACDs. The CD player's drive doesn't vibrate as it tended to before. The reduction of light scatter makes previously unreadable data CDs accessible once again whilst improving the data rate. DVD films generally impress via sharper images.


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