Exotic Audio

Acoustic Plan cd afspiller

Acoustic Plan Vadi

Acoustic Plan Vadi

CD-afspiller med udgangstrin bestykket med rør og med ekstern strømforsyning.

Lyden er i særklasse, og vi kan anbefale en prøvelytning, hvis du skal købe en CD-afspiller i den dyre ende af skalaen.

CD formats supported: CD, CD-R  

Analog output:

normal, RCA

1,3 V

balanced., XLR

1,3 V

Output impedance: normal 200 Ohm
balanced 200 Ohm
Signal to noise ratio:   >100 dB(A)
Frequency response:   20Hz-20 KHz
Digital output: S/PDIF - Coax 0,5V p-p
75 Ohm
AES/EBU - XLR 5V p-p
110 Ohm

Dimensions (w x h x d):

260 x 170 x 350



19 kg incl. external power supply

Finish: frontplate blue, casing silver
others on request


Acoustic Plan DigiMaster

Acoustic Plan DigiMaster

The CD transport DriveMaster is equipped with the
famous CDPro2 wich is also used in studio's, test
equipment and continuous music reproduction units.
Together with the special suspension of the drive
module a highly accurate readout is ensured. The
DriveMaster has two digital outputs, a SPDIF output
with BNC connector and a non standard I2S output.
The I2S connection to the D/A converter DigiMaster
allows a direct data transfer without converting and
converting back of the SPDIF signal.
An optional full metal remote control ensures easy of

Acoustic Plan DriveMaster

Acoustic Plan DriveMaster

The D/A converter DigiMaster has probably the most
consequent high resolution digital audio processing
related to simplicity of all converters on the market
nowadays. The USB as well as the SPDIF input have
192 kHz/ 24 bit receivers and they pass on
the data stream to the 24 bit R2R converter
PCM1704U-K. Neither upsampling nor
oversampling nor are used to keep the
data as pure as possible.

Acoustic Plan DigiMaster + DriveMaster

Acoustic Plan DigiMaster og DriveMaster

In spite of the small size of the CD transport/ DA
converter combination - DigiMaster and DriveMaster
- the superior quality will meet the highest demands
of the high-end audiophiles.

The USB data transfer works in an asynchronous
mode, whereby the clock is determined by the high
precision clock generator of the DigiMaster.
digital filters
To avoid ground loops between the PC and the
DigiMaster, the USB receiver circuit is powered by
the PC whereas inductive couplers (iCoupler)
provide the galvanic separation.
undesirable ultrasonic frequency range. Depending
on the sampling rate, the filters are switched to the
proper cut off frequency. The analog filters consist
custom made precision inductors and capacitors.
A pure tube output stage amplifies the small signals
and provides a low output impedance.
All devices of the Master series have an external high
quality switching power supply as standard. They
meet the latest energy saving rules and have a
medical approval for low electromagnetic radiation.
As an upgrade we offer a power supply with linear
regulation of our own production. Such a power
supply is able to supply two devices of the Master
The software of both devices - DigiMaster and
DriveMaster - is developed on our premises.
The principle of minimalistic circuit design is
continued in the filter and in the analog stage. For
that reason, only analog filters are used to cut off the