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Jelco SA-750D/DB

SA-750D/DB SA-750D/DB


Jelco's 9" arm, en fin arm der sagtens kan være med dyrere arme

Model SA-750D SA-750DB
Color Bronze Black
Effective length
(from the tonearm pivot to stylus point)
229mm 229mm
Distance of the tonearm pivot to spindle 214mm 214mm
Overhang (spindle to stylus point) 15mm 15mm
Offset angle 22° 22°
Tracking error angle +1.9° - 1.1° +1.9° - 1.1°
Holizontal sensitivity (first action inner wire free) 30mg 30mg
Vertical sensitivity (first action inner wire free 20mg 20mg
Suitable cartridge weight range for standard counterweight 4 - 12gr 4 - 12gr
Suitable cartridge weight range for heavier counterweight 12 - 24gr 12 - 24gr
Range of height adjustment (distance between the arm base bottom and center of the arm pipe) 38 - 60mm 38 - 60mm

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