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Soundsmith Zephyr mk II

Zephyr mk II


Specielt lavet til Unipivot arms

Stylus: Selected Contact Line low mass Nude Stylus
Radius of curvature: 6 x 17 ?m
Cantilever: Boron
Recommended Tracking force: 1.8 to 2.2 Grams
Effective tip mass: 0.32 mg
Compliance: 10?m/mN (low compliance)

Frequency response:

15-45,000 Hz ± 2.0 dB
Channel Separation (stereo only): 1000 Hz >28 dB 50-15,000 >25 dB
Channel difference: <1.0 dB (Stereo) <0.5 dB (Dual
Mono operation- w/optimal VTF setting)
Output voltage: 2.4 mV
Cartridge weight: 10.27 Grams
Loading: ? 47 k?